Kittens will be back in 2013!

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Kittens leave at 13 weeks with full vaccinations, a registered 4-generation pedigree from FB or TICA, 4 weeks' insurance with Petplan, a microchip and a kitten pack (food, toys and information). Kittens are £450, to loving pet or show homes, to be neutered when they are 6-12 months old. (See here for an article by Barbara French about why, no matter how common the practice in farm cats and/or pet cats, kittens are NOT ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks old!)

Kittens are raised in the living room and exposed to as much daily life as possible - this ensures they will not become "scaredy-cats" in later life! Beware buying kittens raised in a quiet spare room - they need to encounter new things (like the hoover, children, other cats, different people etc) when they are young or they are likely to become over-reactive, fearful adults!

We prefer our kittens to go to safe, outdoor homes where they can run around as nature intended! Outdoor cats usually have better immune systems, musculature and emotional well-being than indoor cats, and you are less likely to get stress-related problems such as spraying (although you may get the odd dead mouse!). If you live near a busy road though, please be aware that cars are the top cause of death in pet cats, and consider an indoor home (with lots of toys and a big scratching post). Or you can cat-proof your garden - some suggestions on how to do this can be seen here.

Atticus Aurora Borealis x Koonikki Union Jack. Born 12.8.12.  
Puddle and Mort Hearthrug Mortimore
Red silver classic tabby & white boy
Going to live with Maureen and Paul in Kent

Hearthrug Puddlemud
Silver classic tortie & white girl
Staying here

What does a Hearthrug kitten look like when it has grown up? Click here for some kittens from previous years.

For pictures and information about previous litters, click on the litter names below.

Vesper, Honey, Goldfinger, Scaramanga, Drax, Zorin and Trevelyan (Aurora x Koonikki Union Jack, 2010)

Seraph, Micah, Tolly, Damocles, Ember & Ash (Aurora x Spike, 2009)

Stewie, Jaxotea, Blackfire and Phoenix (Tia x Sorcerer, 2009)

Gothmog, Flameboy, Xerxes, Nix, Mandy and Ron (Tocci x Joe, 2009)

Bo Duke, Luke Duke, Daisy Duke & Rosco P Coltrane (Tia x Elmo, 2008)

Aurora, Elmo, Dervish & Myst (Tia x Taronga, 2007)

Willow, Pixel & Faery (Ember x Jasper, 2006)